A Conversation around the CG x eepmon Synthesis Parka

Friday November 22nd, 2013

We sat down with Canadian digital artist, Eric Chan (aka eepmon) and our VP of Design and Merchandising, Spencer Orr to talk about the Synthesis Parka and how it came to life.

What’s behind the name “Synthesis”?
eepmon: The word “Synthesis” makes perfect sense to describe our collaboration. It is the bridging of two seemingly different worlds: heritage handmade quality wear meets digital computer art.


Why did you want to do a collaboration with CG/eepmon?
Spencer: We always look for the next up-and-coming Canadian talent and eepmon was the perfect match. He is incredibly talented and we were excited to see how he would interpret one of our classic styles.
eepmon: I wanted to do something with Canada Goose because of their dedication to craftsmanship and a keen eye to create top-notch premium Canadian-made products. Every detail is considered. They are as real as it gets. And we share a common philosophy – to be genuine and authentic in what we do.

Tell us about the design of the lining…
eepmon: The artwork represents an aspect of Canadian national identity and multicultural diaspora. For example, the upper left of the artwork reveals an image of a lion representing the Governor General. It symbolizes the Canadian Monarch and relationship to Queen Elizabeth II. While the trillium on the bottom left, is the symbol of my home province and the birthplace of Canada Goose – Ontario. There are motifs throughout the work that also reference my Asian heritage. For example, in Asian paintings it is common to see nine carp or koi fish. It is an auspicious number representing positive wellbeing, prosperity and happiness. In this case, the carp is represented by Canadian Geese.
Spencer: eepmon has done an amazing job of translating Canada’s history into his design style. I   love seeing those nine Canadian Geese mixed with the little happy monkey hiding in the corner. The more I look at print, the more I discover… I hope everyone who owns one of these jackets experiences the same journey of discovery.


Walk us through the creation process of the Synthesis Parka.
Spencer: It’s important to find the right balance when creating a collaboration and it took a few protos to find that perfect mix. We wanted it to look like a traditional Canada Goose parka and let the print be the focal point. With that said, the little details, the dyed fur and the modified Arctic Disc deliver something special and unique.The goal was to develop a piece of wearable art and that’s exactly what this is.
eepmon: I always begin brainstorming on a piece of paper. Anything that pops in my    mind pertaining to the collaboration, I immediately write it down…  It’s like spilling my thoughts onto canvas. This serves as my exercise to get my mind       going. I then choose top 10-15 words or ideas that I feel strongly about. This helped me establish a foundation to proceed to actual sketching and designing the Synthesis Parka.I continued to simplify until I can comfortably reach prototypes that can help answer my questions. I then proposed my designs to the Canada Goose team and more iterations occuruntil we have something that we all feel reveals the core essence of our collaboration.

Favourite element of the Synthesis Parka?
eepmon: Ah, that’s a tough one…
Spencer: Personally, I love the small element of blue in the dyed fur ruff. It’s the first time we’ve done this and it was executed really well.
eepmon: Okay, if I have to choose, it’s somewhere between the blue hit of fur and the custom Arctic Disc.

If you could describe the Synthesis Parka in 3 words, what would they be?
Spencer: Discoverable wearable art.


Want to get your hands on our limited edition CG x eepmon Synthesis Parka? It hits stores Saturday, November 30th but quantities are limited. Find out who will be carrying them below:

Colette – Paris, France
Harvey Nichols – London, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh
Mientus – Berlin, Germany
Nag People – Copenhagen, Denmark
Tip De Bruin – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Central Post – Seoul, Korea
Urban Speed – Vienna, Austria
The Tannery – Boston, USA
Rime – New York, USA
NRML’S – Ottawa, Canada
Hofstetter Sports & Fashion - Geneva, Switzerland
Och Sport & Fashion - Zurich, Switzerland