Goose People

Goose People are everyday heroes who strive for excellence. Their journeys, achievements and “can do” attitudes inspire us. We are proud to have them as our ambassadors.

Milos Raonic

Milos Raonic

Athlete - Professional tennis player

Milos Raonic is leading a new era of top tennis talent. As Canada’s highest ranked player, Raonic has captured international attention for his record-breaking plays on the court. At the age of 23 he became the only Canadian tennis player ever to break into the top 10 of the ATP Singles Ranking, a career milestone that’s sure to be eclipsed many times over. Raonic’s passion for his sport and love of Canada makes him a welcome addition to the Goose People family.

Born in Montenegro in 1990, Raonic relocated to Toronto with his family in 1994. He started playing tennis at age nine and by 16 became one of Canada’s top juniors. Raonic qualified for his first Grand Slam event at the 2010 U.S. Open and gained notoriety in 2011 after rising from World No. 102 to No. 37 in one month, which led to winning the title of Newcomer of the Year at the 2011 ATP World Tour Awards.

While training and tournaments are always top of mind, Raonic considers his ability to inspire and help others a major source of motivation. In 2013, he launched the Milos Raonic Foundation, which helps children with disabilities engage in physical activity and contributes to prosthetics research. He also hopes that his achievements on the court will prompt more Canadians to play tennis—and given that he’s set to break even more records throughout the season, it’s a goal that’s certainly already becoming reality.

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Amelia Rose Earhart

Amelia Rose Earhart

Pilot, broadcaster, public speaker

Amelia Rose Earhart holds the record as the youngest woman to circumnavigate the globe in a single-engine aircraft. Her daring spirit is more than simply admirable—it’s inspiring a new generation of women to take to the skies.

In July 2014, after more than a decade of training, Amelia completed her record-making around-the-world journey, which followed the same route taken by her namesake, Amelia Earhart. Flying a single engine Pilatus PC-12 NG with co-pilot Shane Jordon, they made 17 stops and travelled 24,300 nautical miles over 108 flying hours. The epic journey was shared in real-time across social media, capturing the attention and imagination of adventure-seekers around the globe.

While not related, Amelia was named for Amelia Mary Earhart, the legendary pilot who disappeared over the South Pacific while attempting to circumnavigate the globe in 1937. Her parents chose the name for its sense of adventure, a value that has certainly directed Amelia’s life so far. However, the path to becoming a record-making pilot was not an easy one, with the expense of flight school and the realities of the male-dominated aviation industry being considerable obstacles. Upon the discovery that just 4% of pilots are female, Amelia was inspired to launch the Fly With Amelia Foundation in 2013, which provides flight-training scholarships for young women.

In honor of her namesake, Amelia announced the first 10 scholarship recipients during her round-the-world flight, while circling Howland Island (which is believed to be where Amelia Mary’s 1937 flight came to an end). Without a doubt, Amelia is breaking both barriers and records for female pilots, while opening the door for a new era of women in aviation—the daring accomplishments of which are surely soon to follow.

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Amir Johnson

Amir Johnson

Professional basketball player, the Toronto Raptors

Amir Johnson is an NBA star in a league of his own. On court, his presence and plays make him the pulse of the game. Off court, he’s equally spirited and keeps his fans connected thanks to a welcome mix of impromptu appearances and savvy social media skills. Since joining the Toronto Raptors, Amir has not only hit career high after career high—he’s made the entire city of Toronto feel like part of his team.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Amir grew up in a family focused on athletics. While he excelled in track and field, his first triumph on the basketball court didn’t come until his senior year of high school, when his team won a state title and Amir was named the 2005 California Mr. Basketball. He went on to be drafted by the Detroit Pistons—giving him the distinction of being the last basketball player to be selected in the NBA draft straight out of high school. The first four years of his professional career captured the sportsmanship and passion that supersede Amir’s reputation today. Ego isn't part of his game: After a year with the Pistons, Amir opted to play in the D-League in order to get more time on the court and improve his skills. In 2009, he was traded to the Raptors and in 2014 he helped lead the team to the franchise's record number of wins as well as an Atlantic Division title, which Amir considers the highlight of his career. Amir is focused on his own performance—but he's equally committed to the success of his team. There's good reason why he's known as Toronto's adopted son.

Above all else, it's Amir's sense of adventure and sincere love of everything he does that makes him stand out. From dressing up like the undead for the city's Zombie Walk to having a float at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival parade, if there's fun to be had, Amir is there. His annual “Roll With Amir” events see him treating his biggest fans to a Raptors game and night out, while other random acts of kindness—like handing out copies of Drake's latest album to surprised passersby—are as unpredictable as they are entertaining. As part of the Goose People family, it's this pairing of humble charisma and relentless energy that makes Amir a perfect fit.

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Karina LeBlanc

Karina Leblanc

Soccer player, Olympian, motivational speaker

Dream big. If there’s one message that Karina LeBlanc wants to share, it’s that anything is possible when you’re willing to work for it. Born on the small Caribbean island of Dominica and raised in British Columbia, Canada, Karina is the longest serving soccer player in Canadian history. She’s a decorated Olympian, an integral part of Team Canada and a motivational force to be reckoned with.

Whether she’s defending goal or speaking to a stadium full of young minds, Karina’s charisma shines through. She’s animated and energetic—with a hustle that’s expected from a top athlete, but present across all aspects of her life. For that reason alone, she stands out in her role as an ambassador for UNICEF Canada, visiting children impoverished communities around the world and using organized sports to empower them to realize their potential. It’s a message that’s not far removed from Karina’s own experience: growing up, playing soccer was her way of finding a sense of belonging and the reason she has so much confidence today.

This relentless passion has led Karina to proudly represent Canada at three Pan American games, four FIFA Women’s World Cups and two Olympic Games, including the historic bronze medal win at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Currently, she’s the starting goalkeeper for the Chicago Red Stars in the National Women’s Soccer League, while also working towards her dream of representing Team Canada once again at the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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Ben Fogle

Ben Fogle

Adventurer, broadcaster and traveller

Ben Fogle lives to inspire others to embrace the great outdoors. From rowing the Atlantic Ocean to crossing Antarctica on foot, no journey is too big a challenge for Ben. He considers documenting his adventures just as important as completing them, and whether Ben’s caught in sub-zero temperatures, stranded in the jungle or exploring some of the wettest places on Earth, he has shared his countless travels through film, broadcast and print.

Best known as a television presenter, Ben works with number of networks, including BBC, ITV, NBC, Discovery, and National Geographic. He entered the spotlight in 2000 when he took part in the BBC show Castaway 2000 and spent a year marooned on a remote island off the coast of Scotland. Ben has since hosted a variety of shows and documentaries, including Extreme Dreams with Ben Fogle, Harbour Lives, and Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild. He’s also written six books, including the Sunday Times bestseller, The Accidental Adventurer, a memoir about his experiences in the wilderness. He’s a regular columnist for the Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Telegraph and frequently writes about travel for The Independent.

Born and raised in England, Ben spent much of his childhood in Canada and credits his early experiences in the Canadian wilderness as a huge influence on who he is today. He believes that outdoor adventures enable us to realize that if we put our mind to it, we can accomplish anything. Ben is driven by his desire to change people’s perspectives and it’s this ambition that embodies the spirit of all of our Goose People.

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Lance Mackey

Lance Mackey

Dogsledder - Yukon Quest & Iditarod Champion Dogsledding

Lance Mackey has been racing dogs for decades in his native Alaska. His father, Dick Mackey, was one of the founders of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race in 1973. The Iditarod is a 1,200-mile sled race taking place across Alaska’s wilderness. Dick won the Iditarod in 1978, and in 1983 Lance’s brother took the title. Winning the Iditarod soon became a Mackey family affair.

Lance was well on his way to competing in the Iditarod when, in 2001, he was diagnosed with throat cancer. He underwent extensive surgery and radiation and after a four-year racing hiatus, returned in 2005 to compete in the Yukon Quest. This 1,000-mile race of hazardous terrain is mapped out between Whitehorse, Yukon and Fairbanks, Alaska. Lance became the only person to consecutively win the Yukon Quest four years in a row, taking the winning title in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

2007 marked Lance’s return to the Iditarod as well as his long-overdue win; with this victory, he became the third Mackey to become an Iditarod champion. Not settling for one victory, Lance also took home the winning title at the Yukon Quest that same year. Lance continued his winning streak by placing first at both races in 2008 and the Iditarod in 2009. This achievement put Lance in the record books for being the first person to win both thousand-mile races back to back, twice in a row.

Lance has been honoured at both the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod for taking great care of his dogs and was also nominated twice for an ESPY award. Lance Mackey continues to race and train his dogs in Alaska.

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Laurie Skreslet

Laurie Skreslet

Mountaineer and Public Speaker

In October of 1982 Laurie Skreslet became the first Canadian to summit Mt. Everest. Since climbing Everest, Laurie has participated in over 30 world-class expeditions into the Canadian Rockies, Nepal, South America and India.

By connecting the parallels between climbing mountains and the challenges people face on a daily basis, Laurie has become an expert in the field of motivational speaking, presenting his experiences to over 2,000 organizations and more than 500,000 people around the world.

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Ray Zahab

Ray Zahab

Founder - impossible2Possible (i2P)

In 2006, Ray Zahab started his journey by running across the Sahara Desert in an effort to raise awareness about the water crisis in Africa. National Geographic tracked his course while the film “Running the Sahara,” produced by Matt Damon, chronicled their 111-day trek through injury and extreme fatigue.

In the end, he ran over 4,300 miles through Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya and Egypt. The journey would change him forever. After witnessing the crisis firsthand, Ray decided to use all of his future adventures to help draw public attention to the causes that he supports.

In 2008 Ray founded Impossible2Possible (I2P), an organization that inspires and educates youth through adventure learning. I2P creates future leaders whose direct adventure experiences will help them to inspire social and environmental change.

In 2008, Ray entered the Guinness Book Of World Records for his unsupported trek to the South Pole. He completed the journey on foot without use of skis in 33 days, 23 hours and 55 minutes – the fastest time ever.


1. Sunglasses from Atacama expedition 2. GPS 3. Mr. Monkey – a gift from Ray’s 4-year-old daughter 4. Petrified wood from Niger 5. Sandals (to sooth feet after 7,500kms of running) 6. Seashell from center of Sahara Desert 7. Facemask from South Pole 8. Running visor from Death Valley 9. Featherlite Burnaby Shell

Payge McMahon

Payge McMahon

Adventure Athlete // Journalist

Payge McMahon is an adventure athlete and journalist who travels the world inspiring others to get outdoors. Payge has climbed the Himalayan Mountains, summited the highest peaks in Africa, Japan and the Continental U.S.A., and has cycled through countries such as Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

As a teen, Payge always excelled as an athlete until a horrific accident left her paralyzed and in an upper body cast, forcing her to learn how to walk again. After years of recovery, Payge made her way to New York where she spent her days working an office job — until one day she walked away from it all.

Wanting more than ‟boardrooms and endless conference calls,” Payge turned to the great outdoors for inspiration. She advocates ‟actions over words” and being thankful for and focused on the things you can do in life, not those you can’t.

Aside from her numerous adventures and her love for the outdoors, Payge spends much of her time volunteering with organizations like Hands on Nashville, the Chaing Mai Elephant Nature Park, the American Cancer Society, Wounded Warriors Disabled Sports Project and Habitat for Humanity.

Currently, Payge is working on a book and is developing a reality TV series based on her real-life adventures. Of course, her thirst for her next quest is always present.

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Greg Kohs

Greg Kohs

Greg Kohs – Director (and Founder of Reel as Dirt)

Ten-time Emmy® Award winning director Greg Kohs began his career as a sports photographer, while completing his undergraduate degree at Notre Dame University. In 1991 he joined the NFL Films team, combining both a love of sports and filmmaking, which allowed him to develop and explore his identity as a storyteller.

Transitioning to commercial projects in 2000, Greg’s “captured not contrived” filmmaking philosophy came to the fore, drawing on authenticity, humanism, and soulfulness to tell stories.

This direction led Greg to Goose Person, Lance Mackey, when filming a series of documentary shorts for the Nike Livestrong foundation in 2009. Immediately captivated by Lance’s life story, Greg vowed to return to Alaska to tell it in full.

In 2013 Greg returned to Alaska for the Iditarod, and a three month filming schedule, to document Lance’s life story, and to capture the intimate story of a musher and his dogs on the Iditarod trail.

Curiosity, authenticity, and soul are the things that best describe Greg’s filmmaking style. And while some Goose People climb the highest peaks or trek to the furthest reaches, Greg’s journeys are often emotional expeditions to the heart and soul of his subjects.


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Geoff Green, C.M.

Geoff Green, C.M.

Founder, Executive Director and Expedition Leader – Students On Ice

Geoff Green founded Students on Ice (SOI) in 1999 with the objective of giving youth an in-depth understanding of and respect for the environment — while inspiring them to protect it. Over the past two decades, the program has taken over 2,500 students, educators, artists, elders, scientists and leaders — from fifty-two countries around the world – on educational expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctic.

SOI’s mandate when it comes to students and these adventures is to not simply provide a “trip,” but rather to give students a transformative opportunity to dive into these ecosystems firsthand through daily educational activities. Geoff and the SOI staff hope that the program will spur a long-lasting, deep connection between these students and the natural world around them – one that will change their perspectives forever.

In 2012, Geoff was appointed to the Order of Canada; he received an Honorary Doctorate from Nipissing University; and he received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. Over the years other recognitions include: a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from the U.S. Congress for his work with youth and the environment; the Explorers Club “Citation of Merit” for outstanding feats of exploration and service; one of “25 Transformational Canadians”; and Outpost Magazine named him one of the “Top 5 Explorers to Watch”.

When not leading expeditions, Geoff spends a lot of his time inspiring and speaking to groups around the world.

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